10 Surprising Facts About Child Development for Those in Early Childhood Assistant Training

Sometimes it can be difficult to picture what’s happening inside a child’s brain as they grow. However, you might be surprised at what you learn by delving into the fascinating science behind childhood development. Children are constantly changing and building new skills, even if we don’t always notice it happening in real time. If you’re considering a career as an early childhood assistant, you’ll be working with young children to support their developmental journey. The more you understand about childhood development, the more equipped you’ll be to assist children and appreciate their growth process. 

Read on to discover some interesting facts about childhood development! 

1. If You’re Completing Early Childhood Assistant Training, Check Out How a Child’s Brain Grows

From birth until around the age of five, children’s brains experience the greatest period of growth. During this intense time of activity, children develop the ability to see and hear, learn a language, speak, build their executive functioning skills, and more. As their brains grow, children are extremely receptive to absorbing new information, especially from instruction and observation. If you have early childhood assistant training, you can take advantage of this special period in a child’s life by giving children the support they need to succeed in the future. 

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