Get the skills to start your career as an Advanced Database Administrator in under a year

Advanced Database Administrator


London Business College’s 50-week Advanced Database Administrator diploma program teaches you to administer databases and database servers. The program includes Oracle University Student Learning Subscription courses and Microsoft Official Curriculums that are necessary to become a Database Administrator. The course covers the knowledge and skills requirements for multi certifications including Oracle Certified Specialist and Microsoft Certified Associate. Since a Database Administrator is now generally expected to have experience to work with volume, velocity and variety data environment to support OLTP, AI, Big Data, this program provides you on Linux and cloud platform.

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This was the highlight of the program for me, the development of self: understanding what I excelled at, what I needed to work on, as well as really discover what I could see myself doing in the upcoming years. Not just as a job, but as a career that I would love. The ADA gave me so many opportunities for self-improvement and career building.

Hanna troy

In my internships, I also learned the skills needed to run my non-profit organization. I learned how to write grants and see how different fundraising campaigns operated allowing me to set up more projects and reach more people. The ELMBA program gave me the skills to propel my career forward so much faster than I ever could have done on my own.

Matt Marsh


In this program, students will receive:

• Training Oracle Database, MySQL on Linux
• Training for MS SQL Server, Cosmos DB,Data Lake administration on Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud
• Training on Data Analyst Microsoft Power platform
• 4 Exam certification designations for Oracle Certified Specialist included
•  All Oracle database and MySQL training approved by Oracle University


• Linux+
• SQL, PL/SQL on Oracle Cloud
• Oracle Database Administration
• Oracle Database Backup and Recovery

• Oracle Database: RAC and Data Guard
• Administer MySQL
• Administering Microsoft SQL Server
• Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure
• Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst


London Business College’s Advanced Database Administrator training provides IT professionals with the opportunity to gain the certifications required to enhance their credentials so that they can succeed in the big data market – today and tomorrow. Individuals with a strong mathematical aptitude and a strong interest in IT are ideal candidates.

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